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Top Ten Ways to Grow your Email List


Top Ten Ways to Grow your Email List

by tedroach
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The Mailing List

The email list is considered to be one of the most powerful marketing tools that an author can have. An email list should consist of your readers, and is a group of people with whom you want to engage with over a long period of time.

Many established authors have spent years building email lists that number in the hundreds or thousands. Sending a regular email newsletter is the most popular way of engaging with email subscribers.

Email lists can be an additional way for you to monetize your author income. If you choose to offer products, such as online courses or consulting, your email list is the first place you can go to test and market your offerings.

Here are the Top Ten Ways to Grow your Email List:

Content Marketing

Don’t let the name scare you. Content marketing is simply offering content in exchange for an email address. This can be a list, template, workbook, or valuable information. Develop something that your audience will want and set it up to be exchanged for an email address.

Encourage others to share your emails

When you send emails to those on your list, take a couple extra moments to ask for it to be shared. Your reader may know someone that could benefit from your email list or free content that you are offering. Asking others to share is a simple way to get more followers with very little effort.

Promote an online event

Events are a great way to connect with your audience. Don’t forget to collect their emails when you host these events. Webinars, live video, and Google Hangouts are great ways of getting your audience excited and engaged.

Create a raffle

A raffle is a simple and inexpensive way to gather emails. You offer something of value to your audience and they will sign up for the raffle. This gives your audience the feeling of perceived value in exchange for their email.

Use Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads apply to more than just selling products and services. These ads can be used to generate your email list. All you have to do is use a combination of content marketing and Facebook Ads. It is easy to over spend using Facebook Ads. Be sure to research how to use them to target your customer for the best conversion rate.

Collect email addresses offline

Offline marketing can be very profitable for your book and business. However, when we make a connection or a sale offline, we forget an important step. Collect the email address from the person, if possible. This will allow you to continue to reach them after the initial sale.

Partner with others

Reaching out to others that have an email list is a good way to reach a new audience. Try finding partners to swap guest blog posts, content marketing, or perform online events with. This will allow both of you to benefit from each other’s list while providing value to the audience.

Add a Call to Action on your Facebook Page

The Facebook Author Page is a very useful tool. It provides a single location for you to connect with your audience. There is a feature that the Facebook Author Page has that should be utilized. Add a Call to Action button on your author page. This will allow you to connect the reader to your newsletter, email list, or direct them to your website.

Create email content that makes them want to sign up

While content marketing refers to generating content in exchange for an email address, this section refers to the actual content within the email. Your emails should be something that people look for in their inbox. Insights, stories, advice, and offers are all content that can be used within the email. Research what your audience wants to see and offer it to them. The best way to know that is to ask.

Add links to your signature

Email signatures, the end of articles, guest blog posts, and any other form of media being distributed should have links attached. This will make it easier for people to connect with you and your email list.

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