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3 Authentic and Easy Ways to Market a Self-Published Book

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3 Authentic and Easy Ways to Market a Self-Published Book

by tedroach
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Today, we have a guest post from Jennifer Lonnberg, author of Embodied Grace: A Woman's Path to Empowerment. Jennifer teaches about helping women find freedom from self-criticism, negative thinking, anxiety, and worry. As a successful author, Jennifer has built a business around her book. Pay close attention to her advice, since it comes from practical experience.

From Jennifer Lonnberg:

Marketing your first book can feel completely overwhelming and tumultuous if you don’t have a plan.  Here are 3 authentic and easy ways to market your book:

  • Ask for help:  When you are working on your book, especially toward that last couple of months before you actually hit “publish” there are a few essential steps where you can involve your target audience.  Use social media and your email list to ask opinions about your book cover, your sub-title or even the picture that you’ll use as your author picture.  This will help create excitement and anticipation.  Your friends, family, clients, etc. will have a hand in the creating process, and will be happy to share the finished product when it’s actually published, because they are invested in helping create it.
  • Visit networking groups: There are many networking groups that love to have speakers who can give talks at their groups.  Especially entrepreneurial groups.  Here’s a tip:  when you visit or speak at these groups, always give value, help them learn something that will help them in their own business, even if it is just to say “I did this and so can you.”  Of course, talking about your book is part of the talk, so even if it is fiction, tell them what inspired you to write it, explain what you went through to get it done.  Encourage them to follow their dreams! Most of these groups will allow you to do a short “sales presentation” at the end of your talk.  You can then use this time to either sign people up to be notified when your book is published, or if it’s already published you may be able to sell your book right then and there. 
  • Be you: This is the most crucial step of anything you’ll do in life, especially marketing your book. People can feel authenticity.  People relate to authenticity.  You are who you are and part of your personality is what gave you the drive to write this book in the first place!  Let people see you.  Let them relate to you.  Don’t alter the way you present yourself or your book to market it a certain way.  Be completely honest about what inspired you to write the book.  Be completely honest about how the story affects you.  Be completely YOU. 

Your audience or your target market for your book is… you.  People like you.  People who relate to you.  People who like similar things that you like. People who have similar struggles that you have been through. Just being honest and authentic will draw your audience to your book. 

Marketing your book is exciting and fun and you get to build a whole community as you do this!  Enjoy it! 

Wishing you amazing success,
Jennifer Lonnberg
Author, Embodied Grace: A Woman’s Path to Empowerment

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