Book Relaunch

10 Easy Steps to Rebrand, Refresh, and Relaunch your Book


Relaunch your books into success!

Book Relaunch is designed to provide authors with a ten step guide to review their brand, refresh their work, and relaunch it using proven strategies for increasing exposure throughout all stages of publishing.

Book Relaunch was written with you in mind. Here are three reasons why this book would be the right choice for you:

Reason 1: Strategies to implement with examples to support
This book is not just long descriptions of what you should consider. Examples are used to demonstrate how the strategies can be carried out for a successful book relaunch.

Reason 2: Case study backed information
Not only have the topics in this book been researched, they have been applied to case studies. This means that the content you find here has already been used to produce real results.

Reason 3: Practical advice by authors, for authors
Theodore Roach and Rosa Sophia have teamed up to provide a wide range of experience as authors. With the combination of self-publishing and traditional publishing experience, you are provided advice from both perspectives.

Book Launch Marketing

35 Easy Ways to Promote your Book, Increase Sales, and become a Bestselling Self-Published Author

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Sell more books! Become a bestseller!

Book Launch Marketing is designed to provide authors the structure and insight needed to develop sales strategies for increasing exposure throughout all stages of publishing.

Gain insight to common marketing strategies used by many bestselling authors. Take your book to the next level and become the author everyone wants to be.

Download your copy of the book today and be part of the bestselling authors that make passive income while others sell 1 or 2 books a month.

Don’t be the writer that misses out on the opportunity to spend more time writing and less time marketing while sales increase. Be the kind of writer other people see and say, “I don’t know how they do it!” Be the kind of writer who takes immediate action and drives for results instead of waiting for something to happen.

The marketing and sales strategies you are about to read have been proven to give immediate and long-term results in book sales. Each chapter will provide insight to the publishing, marketing, and sales processes that will allow you to become a bestselling author.